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Strafit home fitness


The new way of achieving the perfect shape, starting from only 4 minutes a day.

Strafit is the new method that, starting from just 4 minutes a day, allows you to achieve extraordinary results, thanks to the lymphatic system activation, the use of all muscles at the same time and the online training protocols dedicated to all ages. 

This method is based on the brand new Stafoam device + training programs that cater to specific needs: a series of tests conducted on a sample of 183 bared amazing results!




In addition to cardio workouts without musculoskeletal impact and the rehabilitation of the lower limbs!



STRAFIT is a unique and innovative device composed of two multi-layered and shock-absorbing activators, designed to train every single muscle of the body in the pursuit of balance: this way, the posture improves visibly, and muscles that you’ve probably never felt in your body get activated! Muscles that help ensure performance and stability.


So, what does it actually entail?


It’s simple: with a minimal training time you consume 25% more! It’s not a dream, it’s reality!

The activity on the activator is performed rigorously barefoot.

This involves a lymphatic system activation at level that was never achieved by any other tool, without the collateral damage (such as back and knee trauma) that happens with other types of physical activity.


Do you know the benefits of a walk on the beach?


There! Today you can do it no matter the season, directly within a square meter of your home. And it really takes up just a square meter!

The special Strafit elastic structure moves according to the pressure exerted by the foot. The effect is that of a constant request to the body to micro-adapt to the surface, activating the proprioceptors and stabilizing the muscles. Furthermore, the stimulation of the foot, the "second heart" of our body, helps venous return and lymphatic circulation.

Strafit calculates the training zones through the Maximum Heart Rate system, which allows you to keep the intensity of the effort under control, achieving specific individual goals.


The Strafit method combines super innovative equipment with personalized training programs that adapt to your needs and the to time you have available, which we know is your most valuable possession: this is why our coaches make the most out of it.

A 4-minute program that you can do from the comfort of your home.


  • 2 Multilayer shock absorbing activators
  • Personalized training program available forever


Strafit responds to all training needs. 

The currently available programs are:

RESTARTFIT for your metabolic awakening, toning, cardiovascular activity: short, easy and targeted workouts with no impact on the joints.

SENIORFIT for those over 60. Simple movements to safeguard your psychophysical health and maintain postural correctness, musculoskeletal flexibility and joint functionality.

POSTURALFIT to regain possession of the body correctly, realign the spine, reactivate the muscles of the plantar arch and stimulate the vestibular apparatus in a fun way.

FIT24 provides a valuable contribution to strength development, aerobic power, dexterity and agility. The exercises generate an intense functional and metabolic response, 25% more than that of classic workouts at the gym. In just 24 minutes.

Strafit can be easily cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth and a neutral detergent for more stubborn stains.

Yes, STRAFIT has obtained the following certifications:   
CertiPUR, regarding environmental sustainability, safety and healthiness of the polyurethane foam used.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products at all levels of production.

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"I've gained only benefits from STRAFIT: unlimited energy, good mood, breast size increase by a cup, a more toned body, the improvement of a knee problem, but most of all an extended sense of general well-being. This method needs to be spread as much as possible!"


Since I've started using Strafit people often ask me if I'm on a diet! I can even make it to my office on the fifth-floor without getting out of breath. In addition, the program is fun: I feel fitter and less burdened. And so effortlessly!


My beautician, without knowing that I was training, noticed a reduction in cellulite and much more toned legs and glutes. I am losing weight without a dedicated diet.


Since starting the program, many have noticed a weight loss. I also sleep more and more continuously. At first I felt as if my body was tied up; after a few workouts I feel more energetic and loose in my movements.”