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Fitness without impact.

Strafit non-impact activators amplify your goals in less time.

Strafit is the new and innovative piece of equipment with no negative impact on the body.

It's ideal for

  • Those who want to start over and get back in shape;
  • The most advanced athletes;
  • Elderly people who want to improve their posture and balance.

Multilayer Activators with Elastomers

The 24 minute method

Strafit, based on scientific researches, expects a workout without shoes. The 24-minute programs are suitable for ages 7 to 107.

360° results

Lymphatic activation, venous return, toning, resistance, and weight loss are just some of the benefits you can get from Strafit.

Pain? No problem!

Strafit, being a functional activator without impact, can help you improve your situation.


Thanks to the special structure of Strafit activators, it is possible to carry out any type of high-intensity activity, without negative impact on joints, bones, back and muscles. 

Come and try it!

Non-impact activity benefits

✅ Cardio Training

✅ Losing waist

✅ Toning

✅ Lymphatic activity

✅ Venous return

✅ Resistance

✅ Proprioceptivity

✅ Strenght

✅ Balance

✅ Ages 7 to 107

Become Strafit Ambassador!

  • Strafit Corner with multilayered shock absorbing activators
  • Dedicated consultancy to your trainers

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