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Strafit Pro - Black and Beige

Strafit PRO: for professional operators such as gyms, personal trainers, and sports centers.

Cover made of eco-leather and 3D fabric for cushioning adjustment.

Washable and available in three colors.


You will receive 2 activators with a personalized online training program available forever.

The base with hooks is not included.

Please read the terms and conditions.


Height 27.00cm
Width 38.00cm
Depth 53.00cm
Weight 6.70Kg
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  • Description
  • Strafit PRO is dedicated to professional operators such as gyms, personal trainers, and sports centers who use Strafit for several hours a day. The cover is made of special eco-leather combined with a 3D fabric that allows for perfect adjustment of the cushioning system thanks to the ideal calibration of air release. It can be cleaned with a cloth and regular disinfectant. The internal composition of the cushioning layers is the same as the Home Fitness version.

    The method is based on the latest equipment + training programs tailored to specific needs: surprising results emerged from tests conducted on a sample of 183 individuals!

    Strength + Toning + Balance
    In addition to cardio activities without musculoskeletal impact and rehabilitation of the lower limbs!

    Which Strafit program is most suitable for you?
    Do you want to get back in shape, but every year your gym membership ends up gathering dust?

    The RESTARTFIT program is perfect for you! Metabolic awakening, toning, cardiovascular activities: short, easy, and targeted workouts without joint impact.

    Are you over 60 and want to safeguard the health of your body and mind?
    SENIORFIT is your ideal program: simple movements to safeguard psycho-physical health and maintain correct posture, muscle-skeletal flexibility, and joint functionality. Ideal for controlling risk factors.

    Has your back been suffering for a long time?
    Incorrect posture can cause joint pain over time, but traditional postural gymnastics, although effective, often has a sad record: many people give up after the first sessions. POSTURALFIT offers exercises to regain control of your body, realign the spine, reactivate the muscles of the plantar arch, stimulate the vestibular system, all without neglecting the playful component!

    Experiences from those who have already tested it:
    Luigi Dettori: I wanted to try Strafit because at my age (51) and with a history of sports injuries that discourage me from activities like running... but since I can't imagine a "typical day" without physical activity and personal well-being, I've solved my problem... knees and ankles no longer suffer, and I've also discovered that I can work or watch a movie comfortably "bouncing" on the activators!

    Marius Ciobanu: A versatile and fun tool that can give you physical and mental well-being by training just a few minutes a day.

    Lorenzo Tincolini: It takes up very little space, and if you're not used to exercising, it's a great starting point. Perhaps the best product on the market for beginners, and above all, not visually, but as a personal sensation, you can feel the difference from the first use.

    Pietro Borgo: I really believe in the versatility of STRAFIT, which can be used, as in my case, as a complementary tool for rehabilitation activities, as well as support for sedentary work activities, or as a complete tool for daily fitness.

    Rachele Abbondanza: Strafit is fantastic! It allows you to train your heart and legs in a very short time. It's suitable for anyone who has little time or doesn't feel like exercising.

    Dario Codazzi: It takes very little effort and commitment to feel energized every day! And if you have little time like me (to go to the gym or other places), this is the ideal solution! Always with you at home, office, or on the go!


Lose weight faster
Consume 25% more calories
From 15 to 99 years old