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How important is the well-being of the resources that cooperate with you?

If HR is your company's top priority, keep reading. 

Strafit is a certified Body Activator.

Even if used for only a few minutes a day, it reactivates the body's functions, giving long-lasting psychophysical well-being.

It can be used without interrupting the work activity, with the aid of a liftable desk. It can be used in a ‘’softer’’ way that activates the lymphatic and cardio-circulatory system without causing fatigue or perspiration; or in "fit" way, for example in the company’s gym, which allows you to burn 25% more than in classic gym training.

It works for all ages and all physical conditions, even for those who, after sustaining injuries or having particular physical conditions, are forced to avoid running and practicing other sports due to the musculoskeletal impact.

Benefits for companies:

+ Wellness    
- Absence due to illnesses

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle causes many problems and even serious illnesses? According to a research published in the Lancet*, one of the most authoritative scientific journals in the world, leading a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for more deaths than smoking.

*Fonte: Wen CP. Lancet 2012; july 21 380 (9838): 192-3

- Turnover

Today it is increasingly difficult (and expensive) for companies to find and train high-level resources: the required tasks are increasingly specialized and the training and even higher education market does not always respond to the REAL needs of the workfield. If you have capable and trained resources, your imperative is to keep them with you. 

And thinking about their well-being is the first way to drastically reduce turnover.

+ Engagement

At the base of our human needs, according to the well-known Maslow pyramid, is the health of our body. Only after that comes the need for self-realization, which also comes from work. At the end, if the resource is not well, it will be difficult for them to devote themselves 100% to the company's objectives. Taking care of his well-being is an investment in terms of engagement. 

Strafit can be used even in common areas.


While sitting, after only 3 minutes, our metabolism slows down by 90%, and after two hours the good cholesterol drops by 20%: this has a huge impact on the health of the musculoskeletal system, the cardio-vascular functions, the metabolism and even the circadian rhythm and mood.

It's really concerning data, especially if we think how much of our day we spend sitting. It's even more bewildering to realize that, just by sitting up, those levels go back to normal in 5 minutes.

To overcome the risks of a sedentary life, we need to devote ourselves to a natural function.

Yet, standing up is still not enough; on the contrary, even standing all day causes problems. To overcome the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle we must constantly dedicate ourselves to a completely natural function.


STRAFIT is a unique and innovative device composed of two multi-layered and shock-absorbing activators, designed to train every single muscle of the body in the pursuit of balance: this way, the posture improves visibly, and muscles that you’ve probably never felt in your body get activated! Muscles that help ensure performance and stability.

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Accenture in Copenhagen has chosen to use Strafit in their common areas, so that their employees can "activate" their bodies during breaks or when they need to move, even for just a few minutes.